Feeling Hungry After Eating?

Have you ever eaten a meal or snack and still feel hungry or worst yet, hungrier than before you started eating? Well, you’re not alone, this is a common occurrence with most people. Our dietitian Gloria gives us an insight into why this happens and how to regulate your eating behaviour in the future.

Below are the following reasons why you could feel hungry after a meal:

  • Have not eaten enough food in one sitting

Simple right? If you haven’t eaten all that much in your meal then it won’t be surprising that you’re still hungry. Consider the contents of your meal; what did it include? How much did you eat? Should you have more or have a healthy snack (fruits, nuts or yoghurt) later.

  • Have not eaten enough during the day

This is a habit many struggle with. A lot of people tend to skip breakfast or meals/snack during the day and so by the time they eat at night they are so hungry that they eat big portion sizes and or snack afterwards. If you’re a meal skipper, try to have the meals earlier in the day. It’s best to eat earlier when you’re most active rather than later when you’re going to bed.

  • Eating too quickly

Are you a fast eater? If so, perhaps the food was gone before your brain even realised it was consumed! Try and eat your meal slower, really chewing your food properly and then have a 10-minute break after dinner before considering more food. You will be surprised how full you feel if you wait before committing to the post-meal snack.

  • Eating the wrong types of foods

Consider the type of foods you are eating. Try and include more filling foods in your meal, such as, protein (meat/fish/tofu/eggs) carbohydrates with fibre (legumes, grainy or high fibre wraps or bread). Add additional salad or non-starchy vegetables to meals to help you fill up or snack on these when hungry during the day.

  • Maybe you’re just thirsty?

If your water intake during the day has been non-existent or a bit lacking then sometimes you’re actually feeling thirst not hunger, it can be hard to distinguish. Try having water instead and aim to drink water throughout the whole day. A good goal is 2L per day. Avoid sugary beverages.

  • Boredom

When we are bored, we tend to feel hungry or crave unhealthy foods. So, keep busy. Go for a walk, call a friend, practice a hobby, clean the house, do some gardening. Anything that gets your mind off your stomach.

I hope this list has given you some insight into why you’re feeling puckish after a meal. Try some of the tips listed and let us know if they work! We love hearing from our community on how they combat the snacking urges. Remember, we’re all in this together and don’t give up!


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June 04, 2020