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The Tony Ferguson meal replacement plans are designed by our dieticians to complement the Tony Ferguson shake range and ensure long-term, sustainable weight loss.
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12 weeks program

Australian created and developed by accredited practicing dietitians, the Tony Ferguson 12 week program will enable you to make healthier lifestyle changes while keeping your schedule on track – watch the video to find out how.
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28 day weight-loss program guide

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Exercise is important for mental and physical health. Aim to exercise for 30 minutes per day.

Frequently asked weight loss questions, answered!

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How much does it cost for the Tony Ferguson program?

The Tony Ferguson program is free for the program guide and access to the dietitian , the only cost is for the TF shakes which you can purchase on TF online or in any of the 400 TerryWhite Chemmart Pharmacies in Australia.

How much weight will I lose in 12 weeks?

On average losing 1kg-2kg a week is long term sustainable weight loss. So 12+kg in 12 weeks is possible by replacing 1-2 meals a day with a Tony Ferguson meal replacement shake, and reducing the calorie intake of your food and drinks in a day.

Will I put weight back on after 12 weeks if I stop the program?

If you change your habit to healthy habits like drinking more water, eating more healthy and smaller meals and exercising, it is possible to keep the weight off long term. Many of our customers find it convenient to continue taking 1 shake a day as a maintenance program to help them maintain their goal weight.

What if I follow all the program rules and I don't lose weight?

Check that you are following the program guide rules and advice from the dietitian, and also that you are consuming less calories than you were before the program. Make sure you are mixing the shakes with water not milk. You can contact our dietitian for free advice to find out more details on your situation. There could be other health factors, we advise you check with your doctor if you are not losing weight.

What are the benefits of starting the Tony Ferguson program?

The Tony Ferguson Program has free support tools: - Facebook Support Group - Track your weight loss with our 28 day weight loss program with food diary - Free recipes, meal plans and shopping list - Free Dietitian support: send questions to

Do I have to exercise on the Tony Ferguson program?

There are many health benefits of physical activity in addition to potentially speeding up and helping to maintain weight loss, so we encourage everyone on the Tony Ferguson Programs to move more and include as much physical activity in their day as possible.

I started a weight loss program and I'm getting headaches?

It’s normal to have headaches whilst your body adjusts to lower calories and burning the body fat for fuel. Stay with the plan and you should start to feel better as your body gets used to it. Try drinking more water or changing when you take the shakes and when you have food. If it is unbearable or continues for longer than expected I suggest consulting with your GP who can rule out any other causes.

What if I have more questions?

If there are specific questions that you have that are not answered here, or you'd like more detailed answers, you can send your question to our Dietitian at

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