Tony Ferguson frequently asked questions
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Our shakes

Can anyone buy TF shakes?

We recommend our weight loss shakes for men and women aged between 18-64 years old with a BMI over 24. We advise that if you are over 65 years old, overweight and need to lose weight speak to your doctor first before starting a weight loss program.

Which shakes are FODMAP friendly?

TF shakes contain inulin (a type of fibre), which is a high FODMAP ingredient to be avoided on a strict low FODMAP diet. FODMAPS are different types of fermentable carbohydrates which is found in many foods and can cause gastrointestinal discomfort for those with IBS symptoms. Every person has a different tolerance to FODMAPs and undertaking a low FODMAP diet for 2-6 weeks until symptoms alleviate, and food challenges and reintroductions with dietitian assistance is recommended.

What is the difference between Classic Shakes and High Protein Shakes?

The Classic Shake is our original weight loss shake which is loved by many due to its great taste and variety of flavours. The High Protein Shake is lower in sugar with less than 2.5g, and contains 28g of protein to help you feel fuller for longer. If you are exercising we advise that you choose the High Protein Shake.

Why am I getting diarrhea from shakes?

It may be possible there is an ingredient within the shakes which is causing you to be intolerant of them, resulting in gastrointestinal discomfort, or you may have a dairy intolerance. If symptoms persist, we recommend ceasing consumption of the shakes and speaking to your doctor.

Can I use these shakes while breastfeeding?

If you wish to lose weight while pregnant or breastfeeding you should consult your doctor first. If your calorie intake is too low, you could impact the baby’s health, as there are nutrients that the Baby needs.

Are any shakes gluten free?

The High Protein shakes, Rapid shakes and RTDs are gluten free.

Weight Loss Program

What are the benefits of starting the program?

The Tony Ferguson Program has free support tools:

  • Facebook Support Group
  • Track your weight loss with our 28 day weight loss program with food diary
  • Free recipes, meal plans and shopping list
  • Free Dietitian support - send questions to
Do I have to exercise on the program?

There are many health benefits of physical activity in addition to potentially speeding up and helping to maintain weight loss, so we encourage everyone on the programs to move more and include as much physical activity in their day as possible.

Is there any evidence that doing a weight loss program helps you lose weight and keep it off for good?

Certainly! Having support with weight loss provides lots of benefit and there’s plenty of research to back this up in group settings, community settings, and one on one support from dietitians / nutritionists / GP. 

Our TF Dietitian recommends having community engagement like our TF Facebook support group or sending through questions to where you can get the support you need.  It is important to have regular check ins and is important to ensure you stay on track and encouraged on your weight loss journey. Try changing your lifestyle to a better, healthier way of life, bad habits for good habits.

Can I fast until lunch and follow with a healthy dinner?

We suggest that the shakes would be better suited to a 5:2 style of intermittent fasting regime.

Our shakes can be used to provide your 500kcal
over the day on your fasting days.  The Rapid Shake works best as they are the lowest calorie shake in the range. Otherwise the High Protein
range may help with hunger on those days. 

With the 16:8 fasting regime, evidence suggests that starting your 16hr fast from around 4pm would be ideal as this has produced better weight loss than when fasting during the morning.  You could then have a healthy breakfast and lunch and then add in a high protein shake or an early dinner around 3.30/4pm.

Meal Plan

If I use the TF meal plans and change to Gluten Free, will this increase calories?

There are some differences between GF and regular products as wheat substitutes are used instead such as rice, chickpea, lentil or other flours. Whilst this does change the macronutrient composition slightly and varies between all alternative products, the meal plan will still work as it will still be calorie controlled within a range. Where possible, we recommend using a higher protein substitute, for example a lentil-based pasta instead of rice pasta.

Can I change any of the recipes?

The recipes are designed for our programs with a specific number of kilojoules/calories and food groups per recipe that will fit into your meal plan. You can substitute foods within the same food groups as long as you stick with the number of serves and serve sizes, e.g. you could change 90g of beef to 150g of kidney beans - just use the food lists in your program guide to assist you.

What if I have more questions?

If you have any other questions that are not answered here, you can send your question to our Dietitian at