Do all stores offer consulting?

No, a number of our stores are 'Stockist Only' please contact our customer service team on on 1800 612 644 or visit Contact Us page for more information.

Can anyone buy Tony Ferguson products?

Yes, anybody can purchase the Tony Ferguson products.
Off the shelf products can be bought by anyone and are sold in participating pharmacies.

How much does it cost for Tony Ferguson membership?

The Tony Ferguson membership is free of charge.

What are the benefits of becoming a Tony Ferguson member?

The Tony Ferguson members have access to a range of free support tools:

  • Facebook support group
  • The Tony Ferguson Member's hub where you can track your weight loss
  • In store Tony Ferguson Trained Consultants

How much Lactose is in the Classic shakes?

Banana Café latte Chocolate Espresso Salted Caramel Strawberry Vanilla
32.5 32.5 32.6 32.0 32.5 32.6 32.5

Are the Tony Ferguson Meal Replacement Shakes gluten free?

The Tony Ferguson powdered shakes are not considered gluten free. While the ingredients themselves don't have any gluten in them, they are produced alongside other products that do contain gluten so we can't guarantee that the powdered shakes are totally gluten free.

The Ready-To-Drink shakes are gluten free, however.

Are there any Tony Ferguson products which I can eat unlimited amounts of?

The new Tony Ferguson programs have moved away from the term 'unlimited'. We feel that it is important when losing weight to learn about the types of foods that are important to each food group and how much you can eat. One of the reasons that Australians are overweight is that we have a mentality that we should be able to eat what we want, when we want. On the Tony Ferguson program we want you to learn about portions sizes and how much you can eat every day. We do not have any 'unlimited food products' and discourage our members from thinking of anything as unlimited.

The only foods that are considered to be unlimited on the program are vegetables. This is not only because they are low in energy but also because they are packed full of important nutrients and the dietary guidelines encourages us all to eat a diet with plenty of fresh vegetables.

What is the difference between a Tony Ferguson snack and a snack I can buy in the supermarket?

Tony Ferguson snacks have been designed to be the perfect portion size to help assist with weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight. Some of the snacks also have the benefit of added fibre and protein to help keep you feeling fuller for longer.

What are the Australian Dietary Guidelines?

The Australian Dietary Guidelines are developed by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and are Australia's national nutrition guidelines; providing information on the types and amounts of food that we need to eat for good health. They are based on over 55,000 research papers from around the world and Australia to ensure the public receives the most up to date nutrition information. For more information visit:

Why has a serve of grains (carbohydrates) been added to the Classic program?

Dietary Guidelines from around the world, including Australia, recommend eating small amounts of wholegrain, high fibre grains and cereals for good health. Evidence has also shown that including whole grain and high fibre foods can have benefits for weight loss. The new Tony Ferguson Program now recommends including small amounts of wholegrain, high fibre foods in your lifestyle while losing weight.

Do I have to exercise on the Tony Ferguson programs?

There are many health benefits of physical activity in addition to potentially speeding up and helping to maintain weight loss, so we encourage everyone on the Tony Ferguson Programs to move more and include as much physical activity in their day as possible.

Can I change any of the Tony Ferguson recipes?

The Tony Ferguson recipes are designed for the Classic program with a specific number of kilojoules and food groups per recipe that will fit into your meal plan. You can substitute foods within the same food groups as long as you stick with the number of serves and serve sizes, e.g. you could change 90g of beef to 150g of kidney beans - just use the food lists in your program guide to assist you.

If I use the Tony Ferguson meal plans and change to Gluten Free , will this increase calories?

There are certainly some differences between GF and regular products as wheat substitutes are used instead such as rice, chickpea, lentil or other flours. Whilst this does change the macronutrient composition slightly and varies between all alternative products, the meal plan will still work as it will still be calorie controlled within a range. Where possible, we recommend using a higher protein substitute, for example a lentil-based pasta instead of rice pasta.

What if I have more questions?

If there are specific questions that you have that are not answered here, or you'd like more detailed answers, speak to one of our in-store Trained Tony Ferguson Consultants, call our customer service team on on 1800 612 644 or visit Contact Us page.

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