Diabetes & Weight Loss Tips

If you are pre-diabetic, or have Type II Diabetes, you have something called insulin resistance, which means that your body can’t use insulin as well as it should be able to.

Insulin is a hormone released to help absorb the nutrients from food, particularly from carbohydrates, which lowers your blood sugar after eating.


If you have insulin resistance, it can be helpful to reduce the overall quantity (amount) of carbohydrate-containing foods in your diet, and ensure you have high-quality carbohydrate in the foods you do eat.


Carbohydrates are found in fruit, vegetables, dairy, legumes, grains, bread, cereal, rice and pasta, as well as anything containing sugar (as sugar is a kind of carbohydrate).

Higher quality carbohydrates are those that are the least processed, wholegrain, higher in fibre, and lower in sugar.


It’s important to make sure that each meal contains a small amount of high quality carbohydrates, as well as protein and healthy fat in order to have a well-balanced meal that’s better for your blood sugar levels.


If you have a lower amount of carbohydrate overall, and choose higher quality carbohydrates in balanced meals, then your blood sugars will rise slowly and your body is able to digest them better.


Foods to eat less of if you have diabetes:


Ice cream / icy poles

Desserts / cakes



Highly processed grains (like white bread and crackers)

Soft Drinks


  1. Suggest what type of TF recipes from the TF web site are suitable if you have diabetes type 2, if we can use all , then let us know its all that are suitable ?


All recipes are actually suitable for Type II Diabetics as they are balanced and have lower calories


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When it comes to diabetes, one of your health management goals is to keep your blood sugar within your target range as high blood sugar can be a health risk. High blood sugar can be caused by eating foods high in carbohydrate, or containing a lot of sugars.

If you are overweight or have other metabolic risk factors, you should ensure you are eating a healthy diet to reduce disease risk. When you’re adjusting your diet to manage your diabetes, you should aim to include vegetables, high-protein foods, lean meats, fruit and unprocessed foods.

Eating a healthy diet can help manage your weight. Replacing fast food with a healthy meal or a Tony Ferguson meal replacement shake in conjunction with a heathy diet plan can improve your diabetes symptoms such as high blood sugar.

When Tony Ferguson weight loss products are used as part of a healthy diabetes diet plan it offers a safe way to lose weight and manage blood sugar (glucose) control. There are low-sugar, diabetes-friendly products, and also dairy-free and gluten-free products in the range for those with dietary requirements. Discuss with our dietitian or Pharmacist which products are suitable for you.

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