Differences between the protein shakes

There are three shakes in the Tony Ferguson range, each with unique benefits and purposes.


If your goal is weight loss then all of the shakes are great options for different reasons.

All Tony Ferguson shakes are designed to provide a high-protein amount, essential minerals and nutrients to support a healthy lifestyle. All of the shakes are low in sugar.

Are they all meal replacements?

Yes, all shakes are formulated to be meal replacements.

Classic shake meal replacement:

The classic shakes are the most popular shakes, and they come in five flavours. 

Each of these has 207 calories, 4g fibre and 19g of protein.

The classic shakes can be used once or twice a day in conjunction with a healthy meal plan.

Both meal plans can be found here:

One meal replacement a day 

Two meal replacements a day


High protein meal replacement:

The high protein shakes are a meal replacement shake to be had in conjunction with a very low-calorie diet.

The high protein shakes contain 28g of protein, 6g fibre and 204 calories.

These are designed to offer additional protein in the diet to supplement your regular dietary needs.

The high protein shakes are gluten-free.

These are beneficial to help you keep fuller for longer, maintain muscle mass and support exercise.

A meal plan is currently being developed for high protein shakes.


Rapid shakes meal replacement:

The rapid shakes are designed to support a very low calorie diet (VLCD) for faster weight loss and can be used twice a day.

The rapid shakes have 139 calories, 4g fibre and 18.5g of protein.

They provide a nutrition boost for your current low-calorie weight loss diet as they contain a formula with nutrients, minerals, protein and fibre.

The shakes are gluten-free, and there is a dairy-free option for those who require it.

You can find the rapid shake meal plan for two shakes per day here 



Meal replacement shakes and very low-calorie diets are not recommended for individuals with a BMI <30kg/m2, pregnant, breastfeeding, under 18 years old, or over 65 years old. Speak with your GP to get clearance before commencing a shake program.

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I need a dairy-free shake Do you have a suitable product?

Yes- the Rapid Dairy-Free Shake option is a suitable product, allother ranges contain milk products.


I have gluten-free dietary requirements Are any of the shakes suitable?

Yes, all of the shakes are gluten-free, so if you are coeliac, any of the shakes are suitable.


Are all the shakes artificially sweetened?

No, the classic shakes contain artificial sweeteners, but the Rapid and High-Protein contain natural sweetness.


Are these suitable for men?

Yes, all of the shakes are suitable for both men and women.


I have diabetes Can I have these shakes?

All of the shakes are low in sugar, however, please speak to your GP to get clearance before commencing a low-calorie diet, and meal replacement program as everyone’s situation is unique.


How do I prepare the shakes?

All shakes should simply be mixed with water for convenience.

November 23, 2021