Losing Weight As You Age

While this is an area that needs further research, it does seem that as the decades pass, it becomes a little harder to drop the kilos. Now, before you decide all your weight gain is due to this, it should be noted that the process is gradual over the years, with our lifestyle and habits primarily influencing our weight gain. For example, if you eat an unhealthy: high calorie, high carbohydrate diet while forgoing your regular exercise routine for a sedentary lifestyle; you aren’t likely to maintain your weight let alone lose it. Eating right to support the nutritional requirements of your body and staying physically active is important for weight loss regardless of your age.

Why it’s harder to maintain weight as you grow older?

While it may be slightly easier to maintain weight when younger, there could be several reasons that contribute to weight gain as you grow older. The gradual change gives you time to understand your body’s changing needs and do something about it.

  • As we age, the body tends to lose muscle mass. This may happen after the age of 30. A lower muscle mass can mean the body burns less calories.
  • There has been some research and studies that have shown that body fat turnover decreases as we age. Fat turnover is the balance between fat storage and fat removal. With age, the body tends to store more fat than burn it compared to when it was younger. It has been estimated that older people have up to a third more body fat stored than when they were younger.
  • Making poor food choices that are nutritionally deficient will do little to help you maintain your weight and achieve your weight loss goal.
  • Stress and limited time often lead to poor sleep and poor food choices too. When we are younger, we are more carefree and have parents preparing healthy nutritious meals for us. But as we get older, as adults we tend to be caregivers and have limited time to look after ourselves. Stress and poor sleep can affect hormone levels and food choices leading to weight gain over the years. The Tony Ferguson Classic Shake meal replacements are ideal for when you are on the go. They are scientifically formulated, and rich in protein and fibre to help with sustainable weight loss. Having healthy snack options such as protein balls and bars can help to reduce snacking on high calorie food in between meals.
  • Lack of a fitness and exercise routine can heavily influence weight gain. Ageing can sometimes bring with it other health conditions, which may limit certain forms of exercise, but it is important to find an activity that works for your body and make it a part of your daily routine.

Tips to lose weight as you grow older

While you can’t prevent ageing, there are some measures that can be taken to minimise weight gain over the years. Here are some tips:

Focus on healthy foods

Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables while decreasing your intake of sugar, processed foods and takeaways. Foods such as beans, nuts and lentils are rich in fibre and help you feel full for longer.

Speak to a health professional

Discuss your weight loss meal plans with your dietitian to kick-start your weight loss journey and include the Tony Ferguson VLCD Rapid Shakes meal replacements in your diet plan. These are specifically developed for anyone between 18 – 65 years of age and with a body mass index over 30. With age the body’s needs change and a qualified health professional can help you with professional advice suited to your lifestyle and nutritional requirements.

Watch your portion sizes

While growing old does not mean you give up on your favourite foods and treats, you can be wise about your portion sizes and try to balance nutritionally rich food on your plate with limited quantities of treats. Pack a fruit, or protein balls and bars as a snack when you are out and about. Those are the times when you are most likely to reach for processed foods.

De-stress and sleep routine

Make time to de-stress and get into a good sleep-routine. While these don’t seem like habits associated with weight gain, lack of sleep or high stress can result in hormonal changes that can affect weight gain. If you’re time poor, consider planning a weekly menu and preparing for meals in advance so that you can easily make good food choices throughout the week.

Exercise regularly

Physical fitness is important for all ages. Consult with a qualified health professional for advice on exercise routines and trainings that would suit your body, especially if you have existing health conditions. Exercise not only helps to burn calories and reduce body fat, but also helps to build muscle mass. Muscle mass helps the body to burn more calories while it’s resting. Additionally, certain exercises can help to reduce bone mass loss, which occurs as a result of ageing.

Embrace the natural changes in your body as you age and seek to achieve your weight loss goals by making mindful food choices and adopting an active lifestyle. The Tony Ferguson 12-Week Program offers ongoing support by an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Personal Trainer with access to meal plans, recipes, offers and exercise tips.


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March 03, 2020