Weight Loss Nutrition & Tips

Good nutrition can make a big change in how you feel when you have menopause symptoms such as mood swingshot flashes, exhaustion, bloating and correlated weight gain. Women of menopausal age should make sure to eat plenty of whole grains, fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean protein for their optimal health.

Foods that should be reduced are: fast food, processed food like chips, biscuits and processed or cured meat like bacon, sausages and salami. Keep in mind that alcohol is inflammatory, and intake should be kept within the Australian Dietary Guidelines.

If you are short on time or need a healthy meal replacement, Tony Ferguson Classic and High Protein shakes are developed by Pharmacists and Dietitians. These are a low carbohydrate, high protein meal replacement program to help manage your calorie intake and weight.


Metabolism work out for women over 40.

Doing 2-3 sessions of resistance training weekly will keep you increase and maintain your muscle mass, keep your bones strong and reduce risk of chronic disease.

Here are three exercises you can do at home (or anywhere!):

  • Lunges
  • Push ups
  • Squats

I recommend to do a set of 10-20 for each exercise depending on your fitness ability, and rest for 45-60s in between each set. Repeat 3-4 times over!

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Speak to your Doctor before starting a new exercise program.