Find a Weight Loss Buddy

You’ve probably thought about your exercise and diet when it comes to losing weight, but have you thought about the psychological side of your goals?

This is where social support and accountability come into play and are hugely underrated when it comes to your dietary success.

Those who lose weight successfully and keep it off find it helpful to have social support such as a friend they exercise with or a partner who supports their goals. 

Research from 2005 shows that those who have a gym buddy who has successfully lost weight are more likely to lose weight themselves! So pick your healthy buddy carefully.

Some tips for picking your diet buddy are:

• Pick someone who you get along with, but also who you respect and don’t want to let down. You won’t be cancelling your gym plans if this is the case.

• Someone who holds you accountable for each slip up in your diet would be very irritating if they were your best friend or partner but maybe ideal when choosing a buddy

• Don’t pick someone who has struggled with their goals for years, as they likely won’t be able to give you the push to achieve you

How to make it work:

• Make it very clear what your expectations are of one another. 

• Communicate what the plan is: How many sessions at the gym per week are you doing together? Do you keep a food diary and send it through on a Sunday?

• Update one another regularly on your progress. Send through your progress pictures and measurements.

• Encourage each other, and use tough love- sometimes we don’t want to hear it, but it’s best for us!

Don’t be afraid to call it quits and look for a new diet buddy if it’s not working out for both of you. 

Good luck and enjoy your new mindset!

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