How to keep the weight off for good? Tony Ferguson Dietitians Corner

How to keep the weight off for good?

Although we haven't found the perfect approach to weight loss, there are several key themes emerging from research and practise that should offer you the best chance of succeeding this time! 

  • Find an eating routine that allows you to lose weight gradually while also being sustainable in the long run. It is common for changes to be difficult at first, but if they become easier with time, they are good ones to preserve.
  • It is typical for your energy requirements to decrease as you get older, so pay close attention to your hunger for clues on when to adjust your portion sizes.
  • Rather than calculating calories, concentrate on nutrient density. Choose foods that suit your nutritional needs first, and then, if space allows, consider including some 'fun' foods on occasion. Include at least 30 minutes of daily physical activity to help keep the weight off. The best form of exercise is something that you enjoy and can commit to doing long-term.
  • Include frequent weight-bearing exercise to reduce muscle loss. You don't have to be a gym rat or a body builder to benefit from mild increases in muscle strength, which boosts your metabolism and makes maintaining a healthy weight easier. 
  • Don't base your goal weight on your BMI (Body Mass Index) or what other individuals look like. Consider how you feel and what feels right to you. This could be the weight that makes you feel the most energised or that alleviates joint aches and pains.

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