Tips on how to lose weight as a couple

If your goal is weight loss, you might benefit from doubling down on your motivation by inviting your partner to join you! If both you and your partner wish to create some healthy habits together, you can be each others biggest supporters and keep one another on track when the last thing you feel like doing is getting up early for the gym or skipping dessert.

The benefits of recruiting someone close to you to engage in healthy habits include: support, setting goals together, staying accountable, and making healthy decisions together that are enjoyable. If your weight loss goals mean that you have to make some changes to your lifestyle, then it makes sense to ask someone for support who you spend a significant amount of time with!

Our dietitian’s top tips are below:

  1. Start by setting your goals together. Research shows that if you write something down, and voice it to others, you’re much more likely to stick to it rather than something you don’t share ( Discuss your goals with one another and to determine whether they are realistic and how you can help. Check out our blog on goal setting here
  2. Start planning! Get a weekly food planner that you can stick on the fridge and fill in in advance. Decide on your meals together and make sure you both have a say in food choices that you enjoy. If you’re stuck for inspiration, we have plenty of recipes here 
  3. Structure your exercise together and pencil it into your diaries. This has the double benefit of extra quality time together, as well as extra exercise time to help meet your weight and fitness goals! It’s no secret that diet and exercise go hand in hand, think about signing up for some gym sessions together, investing in a personal trainer, or going to the same yoga studio.
  4. Have a think together about which habits won’t help your goals in the long run. If you consistently spend date nights overeating or drinking too much alcohol, this can add up and sabotage your attempts at weight loss. Think about swapping happy hour drinks for something that’s not food or drink related, such as a sunset hike, a creative class like painting or pottery, or getting a couples massage.
  5. Cook and eat at home as much as possible. This has the added bonuses of knowing what’s in your food, enjoying more time in the kitchen together, saving money, and reducing the salt and fat intake from eating out at restaurants.
  6. Support each other. If you’re aiming to achieve goals together, have an honest discussion about what kind of support and planning you need. If one of you needs all treats gone from the pantry, that might be a sacrifice the other will have to make as well. Please acknowledge that you are not responsible for your partner’s success, but you can help them out where they need it most.


For more information, tricks and tips on setting your goals and sticking with them - check out our dietitian’s corner!

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Domino Puttick

Accredited Practising Dietitian


February 12, 2021